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Guerrillas, particularly the farc, pressed the Government and Congress to adopt a permanent prisoner exchange law.
The CCJ analyzed cinep data from June 2000 to June 2001 and attributed 3 percent of civilian victims and persons killed outside of combat to state security forces, compared with.5 percent.Indigenous People There are 82 distinct ethnic groups among the country's 716,400 indigenous inhabitants, who constitute about 2 percent of the country's population.A higher-ranking officer such as a unit commander is granted initial authority to issue disciplinary sanctions.In March the icrc again suspended evacuations of wounded combatants following an incident near Aguachica, Cesar department, in rencontre sexe tessin which paramilitaries kidnaped a wounded ELN guerrilla who was being moved in a Colombian Red Cross vehicle.In May police had to rescue a man who was kidnaped by the militias and beaten for fighting with his wife in the street.The unhcr office also has field offices in Barrancabermeja; Apartado, Uraba department; and in Puerto Asis, Putumayo department.The law prohibits the employment of minors for prostitution; however, child prostitution is a problem (see Section 5).Malnutrition among displaced children is a problem, and displaced children are increasingly vulnerable to sexual exploitation and recruitment by criminal gangs.According to the March 2000 report of the unhchr, women earn 28 percent less than men.The Hope Foundation, which assisted 57 trafficking victims in 2000, provides educational information, social support, and counseling to victims of trafficking who return to the country.There are credible reports that the paramilitaries are trying to coerce congressional candidates they do not support from running for office, especially in the Middle Magdalena region.
On September 23, the official's brother escaped and reported that the development official was in poor health due to long forced marches and lack of medical attention for a heart condition.
In March the Constitutional site de rencontre blackberry Court decided that the statutory" cannot be applied to candidates for local election or public enterprises.
The authorities also are seeking the arrest of three other farc members in this case.Media ownership remains highly concentrated.The new Military Penal Code reiterates that the crimes of genocide, forced disappearance, and torture must be tried in civilian courts.However, various state authorities sometimes monitored telephones without obtaining prior authorization.The authorities may intercept mail or monitor telephones only with a judicial order.According to military regulations, only Roman Catholic priests may serve as chaplains.She revisited the country in October.