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Zoë Soul as Casey Bridges (Season 4) Kathryn Winslow as Karen Bridges (Season 4) Shailene Garnett as Bronwyn (Season 4) - a newly hired temp working at Price Entertainment.
Stacey Dash as, valerie "Val" Stokes (Season.
The New York Times.
As Luke (Season 2) - a friend of Keisha's and her pretender.Retrieved April 9, 2015.Mac Miller as himself (Season 1) an aspiring rapper that April manages to get signed.Dash commented, "I have to be back.A.Damien Dante Wayans as David Berenger (Season 3 recurring; Season 4) 11 - April's one night stand who also works at Price Management.According to the VH1 blog, "He loves the ladies, and the ladies love him." 8 In Season 4, he has been missing without a trace.10 She has disappeared and is presumed to have been murdered in Season.
William Levy as Antonio (Season 2) - Raquel's sex addicted childhood sweetheart.
19 Littlejohn stated, "After two incredible seasons of Single Ladies, I have decided to entrust the show to the safe hands of VH1."Single Ladies MOD release of Season 2 Ships Today".Anthony Azizi as Wes Domingus (Season 1) - April's heartless boss at the record company.A b c Stelter, Brian (May 8, 2011).But the characters just might make you care." 26 References cita un ciegas 34 edit "single ladies (centric.Travis Winfrey as Omar Kearse (Season 1 recurring; Seasons 24 an employee at the boutique and the outspoken, openly gay friend to the women.Benzino as Dominic (Season 3) - A poker player who has eyes for Keisha.