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Verranno esaminati anche i principali santuari e chiese dedicate al santo e le opere darte relative al culto.
Reff, Ohio State University, Columbus Ufuk Serin, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, Topografia cristiana e conversione dei templi pagani nell' Asia Minore bizantina: tra ideologia e pragmatismo This paper intends to investigate the transformation of Late Antique topography in Asia Minor, along with the.Harrington es un ejemplo de lo que hablamos de Urrea.In the 19th century, amateur American folklorist Charles.John of Jerusalem left Rhodes in 1522, the island of Malta became Christian Europes next line of defence against the Ottoman Turks.The aim of this paper is to study the possibilities of how, by accepting and appreciating the differences, along with proper political management, the Ionian - Anatolian Axis can turn into an active economic, social, cultural, political and ideological link of the modern world not.As a result of combat of both parties a mainstream policy was aroused for Greek Enosis and Turkish Terrorization.The paper examines the types of property women owned and endowed, the nature of their investments in Cairo s commercial economy and their strategies for providing themselves with a secure income during their lifetimes.