rencontres choregraphique de seine saint denis 2015

Running on stage means going in a circle, constantly going back over ones steps even if the paths vary, creating multiple curves and scopes.
En 2010, il crée au CND sa femme mariée cherche amant arequipa première pièce de groupe, Ce que nous sommes.
The 13 th, movimentos Festival programme addresses the theme of peace in its many different facets.
Direction, julie Dossavi and Michel contacts femmes lleida Schweizer, scenography.Distribution, conception, julie Dossavi, shared choreography, julie Dossavi, Hamid Ben Mahi, Sergé Aimé Coulibaly, Thomas Lebrun.Running is thought of and experienced as an indicator of the body and emotions through the fatigue and exhaustion of the act.Nos limites en 2013, Au temps où les Arabes dansaient.Cross Share delves into the idea of the solo dance as being many on the stage by utilizing artistic collaborations around a principle of shared creation.10th April - 13rd edition, the Autostadt presented the first Movimentos Festival in spring 2003.Radhouane El Meddeb a été formé à lInstitut supérieur dart dramatique de Tunis et consacré «jeune espoir du théâtre tunisien en 1996, par la section Tunisie de lInstitut international de théâtre.Olivier Oliver - keyboard player, duration 60 production.The latter are in the grip of a heightened sensory perception, constantly thrown off balance by the spatialization of the sound of the running, empathy for a sprint they are watching and also feeling its pace inside.
The density of constraints the pattern of a unique action, the narrowness of the space and its form, the solo design, the half-light enables the choreographer to create different choreographic scores using rhythm, breath and body weight in hypnotic variations.
Choreographic and musical piece for three performers.
Le Phare thanks its patrons : Établissements Hettier (Le Havre la cram (Le Havre) and NPC (Alizay).After composing and interpreting solos and having asked the choregrapher Daniel Larrieu to write a solo for her in 2004 (still actively performed Julie Dossavi explores a third path, that of co-composition, co-writing with choregraphers, musicians, and a director: Thomas Lebrun, Serge Aimé Coulibaly, Hamid.The Movimentos Festival programme of choreographies, productions, concerts and readings offers audiences many opportunities to think more deeply, to sympathize, to create associations and to address critical issues in short, to become familiar with the unknown.Soutien les Ballets C de la B, Gand, Belgique, Maison des 3 Quartiers, Centre de Beaulieu et Espace Mendès France, Poitiers, Centre national de la danse, Pantin, Centre chorégraphique national de Tours, Maison du Théâtre et de la Danse dÉpinay-sur-Seine, Spedidam).En 2007, il intègre la distribution de 1000 Départs de Muscles, création dHéla Fattoumi et Éric Lamoureux.Shared direction with Michel Schweizer.Through the filter of running, multiple presences emerge and touch the audience.