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In other words, the impeller blades will acquire a fixed bend to the shape of the housing where the intake and out-take are located.
You can imagine how much time is involved in dismantling an entire raw-water cooling system!
An impeller can have cracked blades and still pump.What Happens: Rubber impellers last only so long before they start to break down due to exposure to seawater and wear.Eventually these blades break off and more often than not become lodged anywhere in the raw water-side of the cooling system.Cummins Diesel: Raw-water pump impeller with a distorted set to the blades to due months of non-use.However as the cracks continue to enlarge the pump will lose its ability to pump the proper volume of cooling water.Same impeller showing damage to blades.By cccp April 20, 2017 leave a comment from Instagram: /2pjKN1P by cccp April 5, 2017 leave a comment from Instagram: /2o46cuh by cccp March 19, 2017 leave a comment from Instagram: /2mgvlm5 by cccp March 15, 2017 leave a comment from Instagram: /2noMXfD.By cccp January 21, 2017 leave a comment from Instagram: /2ke10mO by cccp January 16, 2017 leave a comment Hello world!By cccp January 14, 2017 leave a comment head shop Oz Smoke Shop.
Why is it that we encourage owners to follow engine manufacturers directives, and change out seawater pump impellers on a regularly scheduled basis?
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